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New Loved Hand Cream

I am a big fan of cute hand creams and I'm so grateful to receive these as a Christmas gift! This brand of hand creams is pretty expensive in the US so I couldn't wait to try it out. The packaging is to die for and perfect for traveling or just storing in your bag!

Cheap Lipstick Holder

If you're looking for an inexpensive organizer to hold your lipsticks then you'll them on eBay where I find most cheap makeup holders. This one particular is less than $10 and holds 12 lipsticks which is a steal! But if you have more lipsticks than me, you can find one for about $4 that holds 24 lippies! You can tell from my lipstick "collection" I'm not much of a lipstick girl :P

Chapped Lips Solutions

Peeling skin on your lips or dry/chapped lips is the absolute worst! I am victim of chapped lips and for years have been on the hunt for an inexpensive product that can help me. To my surprise, I've found 4 (so far!) and can't say enough good things about each. Well known to all, Vaseline is a life savior and can fix anything from dry skin to remove eye makeup. But this particular cutesy product is their Lip Therapy Vaseline in Original. I apply it at night and in the morning my lips are smooth as a baby's bum! DermStore Lip Quench is a product I found accidentally when it was free with purchase and who knew I'd fall in love with a sample product? Price is lovely and the applicator is hygenic and easy to apply unlike the Rosebud Salve and Korres in Guava. Both of these two are also inexpesnive and does the trick but have a slight scent on them which is also lovely but not for those who are sensitive to scents! What your favorite lip products?

I Ate Too Well This Month...

Left: 16 Handles Frozen Yogurt + Toppings. Right: Matcha Bubble Tea from Matcha Love in Mitsuwa Supermarket In New Jersey
 Chocolate sticks from Target to stir in hot milk to make hot chocolate!

Current Favorites

My current favorites for the colder months: Estee Lauder and Michael Kors Blush trio, Ole Henrikson Sheer Transformation, Stila Eyeliner, Milani Eyebrow, Nars Sheer Matte Foundation, Tarte Primer, ELF Complexion Brush and Sigma Flat Kabuki Brush!
My 2 to-go brushes always! ELF's Complexion Brush is perfect size for blush. My favorite foundation brush is from Sigma, it's perfect size and so soft! My new purchase of the month would be Nars Sheer Matte Foundation in color Stromboli. I have quite oily face and throughout the day I will get even more oily, but this foundation really does not make me like a frying pan! With or without my Stay Matte Powder, it still keeps me "deslicked!" Only downside is there is pump :( sucks it is $5 on their website..#notworth
Ahhhh by far my favorite blush (as of now). I got this as a gift and so glad because I'd probably never go out and purchase this. It makes you feel better about it that it was "free." Ha. Love that it's not too shimmery and it's the perfect color pairing for the colder months!